Bello, Baby.

Banana Joe

Banana Joe

First Cycling Cap...Ever

So awhile back, I got an inquiry on Instagram to try out cycling caps from Bello Cyclist. I have to say, as long as I have been cycling, I have always been a bit weary of cycling caps. Being the finicky girl that I am about my hair, I had the tendency to let my locks be free for social rides and didn't look forward to having to adjust yet another thing in my life to stay put while I cycle. Plus I've seen some really, really hideous cycling caps out there.

Despite my hesitation, I checked out their feed and was delighted to find that Bello had quite possibly the most well curated line of designs displayed. They were kind enough to let me pick 3 of my favorite from their website to try. 

The Cycling Cap You Always Wanted, Indeed

A few weeks later (they are located in the UK) I received my goodies - the Banana Joe, Budapest and Happy Fixmas caps. I immediately fell in love with Banana Joe - the crisp colors and snug fit had me eager to cycle with my first cycling cap! I went ahead and joined my buddy Mike for a the Loose Cannon Alley Cat, sporting my Joe. I am proud to say, Banana Joe stayed put without a struggle and didn't mess up my coif one bit. I didn't have to adjust this sucker as I had feared. The Bupadest ( a black cap that quickly became my go-to daily because of how well it blended in with just about every piece of cycling clothes I own) had a slightly more relaxed fit and was made of a more canvas-y material. The Merry Fixmas (which I waited until the the holiday season to try IRL, rightfully so) is made with a thicker material and lined,  presumably for the colder, holiday season.

Thou Shall Read Care Instructions

All 3 caps were high quality and no signs of unraveling or damage even after the multitude of sweat, sun, and washing assaults. I've had the caps for over a year now and they're still hanging on my wall, bright colors and all. (They make awesome hipster deco when not in use!) Budapest only met it's fate against the dreaded heated dryer - somehow it accidentally got tossed with the rest of laundry and sadly faced demised. Yes, I was pissed at myself and yelled some profanity at the wretched dryer whom I normally love for toasting up my towels and removing dog hair from everything I can launder. If you hand wash and line dry like you are advised on the cap itself, you can rest assure you and your cap will have a long, happy relationship.

Bello Cycling Caps FTW

When I did a little more research on the company, I found that they have no minimum on custom prints, which is in alignment with the true spirit of #bikelife. Not all of us have are a part of racing team or training group and sometime just want our own creation to come to life, which this "no order too small" honors. You can tell the folks behind the brand is truly passionate about what they do and continue to create rad, super wearable designs. Fixed gear hipster blood runs thick. I dig it.



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