Raw Reviews : How To Use Parabolic Rollers


My First Time on Rollers

I recently purchased a parabolic roller trainer for indoor cycling and wanted to share some basic feedback on how to use them. For anyone that is interested in cycling indoors, learning the basics of using rollers can help you find an alternative way to spend more time on your bike, even on those rainy days. 


The primary purpose for my decision to purchase rollers was to have an alternative to cycling outdoors during inclement weather, however, there is so much more that the rollers can do for you. (Yes, I know - I live in sunny Miami, how many bad weather days do I really have compared to you guys up North trekking it through the snow, right?) 

For one, it will help you improve your balance, cadence and stability. In order to avoid the "wobble", you'll learn to be more steady in your position, have smoother strokes and generally learn to have a strong, balanced center. You'll also get a really, really good work out. 


Things To Know 

The key things I learned during my first few times on the rollers are :

  1. Be sure to set the spacing of the rollers correctly. Skipping this step is a terrible idea; do it every time you switch bikes or make adjustments to your bike. The center of the front wheel should be directly above the center of the front roller and the center of the back wheel should be directly in the middle of the two back rollers. Positioning a fan towards you is also helpful once you begin cycling. Make sure to also check your tire pressure.
  2. Place your roller by a wall or a doorway. Having a stable support to get you started is the difference between having a great learning experience versus having a busted face. 
  3. Position the pedal closest to the wall (or your dominant leg's pedal if you are using a doorway) in the upright position so you can start with momentum.
  4. Begin pedaling with the arm closest to the wall supporting your body while in the upright pedaling position. It's okay if you see some wobbling, just keep on pedaling and stabilize yourself by engaging your core and keeping a nice, steady pace. Once you are comfortable, transition the hand on the wall to your handle bar and be sure to continue pedaling. 
  5. Do this for a few minutes and gradually work your way up - you'll find that cycling on the rollers is quite vigorous. Be sure to look directly ahead and engage your core (stomach and back should be tight and try not to lean heavily on the handlebars). 

If at first you find yourself wobbling, find a fixed point on the wall in front of you and count your pedal stroke 1-2, 1-2 until you find some consistency in stability and cadence. 


Overall, I recommend parabolic rollers for anyone that is passionate about cycling, has the desire to improve their balance and cadence, and/or needs an alternative to cycling outdoors. The initial investment is around $100 to $400, so it's def a mini splurge, however, with very few mechanical parts and sturdy design, you are most likely looking at years of use. 

The model that I purchased is by CyclingDeal USA - Model # SUN-YC900 - the cost was approximately $100. It does hold in half for easy storage and very little assembly was required. Overall, I give it an A for ease of use and value. 


On a side note; I really want to thank all of the wonderful folks in the cycling community and beyond that have been so supportive of my ventures as I experiment with different avenues of expressing my passion for cycling. Join me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Strava for daily cycling wins, fails and sometimes, just total utter cycling nonsense.  Thanks again for visiting my blog - Stay Passionate, Ride On.