3 ways to stay on track with your cycling (motivation?)

Is motivation really a thing?

Not really. At least for me.

So, a few of you recently sent me messages asking how I stay motivated to stay on track with my cycling. The truth is, it's only in the last year that I have been able to stick to regular routine and stick to my goals, none of which really had to do with motivation but rather inspiration. "The horse must come before cart" - meaning, motivation is guaranteed after the action step to your cycling goals, not before. Staying motivated is one the most fleeting feelings for me. It comes and goes as it wishes and it hardly a reliable source of getting myself to do the things that I need to do. 

Keep It Simple

1. Know where you are in order to know where you want to go later. It won't matter where you are going if you aren't honest with yourself about where your true starting point. This isn't to make you feel bad about where you are but rather to discover all of the steps and obstacles that must be removed to get to your goal. Point A to Point B navigation is SO much easier if we know exactly where we are leaving from and exactly where we are going. 

2. Adjust your environment so that it serves you and your goals. New goals need your care - change what's around to help you stick with your goals, not tempt you away from it and return to your old ways. Sometimes, this means adjusting who, what, when and where you spend the majority of your time.

3. Take action - IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait for motivation to kick in because that won't be a reliable source of getting you to stick to your goals.

3 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Cycling

Key to Staying Motivated, If Such A Thing Exists

One thing that I don't mention in the video is that before any of this takes place - make sure whatever your goals is, that it is something you are completely in alignment with. Many of us try to be good at things that are not necessarily what we are truly passionate about; instead we want force ourselves to pursue an activity that we think we should be passionate about.

Other times, we are passionate about the "right" thing but we have mixed up signals in our heads about how we feel about it. For instance, my goals is to be a full time athlete and influencer and for the first few years, I also kept telling myself "No body makes a living from this stuff unless they're just SUPER lucky or they have been groomed to be a pro."  Having this type of mixed signals playing in your head is a DREAM KILLER. Take it from me personally. 

Stay Passionate

Take the time to really figure out the why's of what you are pursuing and be sure to root out any opposing beliefs. If it means dorking out and writing down your goals and why you want it versus all the crap you tell yourself on side about why it can't be done, than DO IT. 

All those little post it notes you see in the background on my videos are indeed MY GOALS and why I want to achieve them. If I find myself saying some crud about being too old, too weak, too tired, I take a look at the post its and tell remind myself that beliefs are just thoughts you have over and over. (Which means you can change them!) Remembering what and why I want what I want on a daily basis is my way of "mentally" resetting anytime I start to have doubts. Clean up your thoughts to line up with you goals, not against them - you owe it your self!

Ride On.