About Sarah

Welcome to my website. For years, I have been telling myself I need a hub for all of my creative energy to go to and it's finally here, carefully curated for you to enjoy.

By profession, I am a marketing strategist with background in medical marketing with a focus on surgical and dental specialists. Over the last few years, I have expanded my industry scope to work with other industries such as real estate, designers, and local businesses. I am also a Lifestyle Design Strategist with hundreds of hours of training and education in personal development and a certified life coach. I help people design the life they can be passionate about, like I have. 

By passion, I am an athlete with a strong focus on fixed gear/track cycling and a mild obsession for Bianchi. (Okay, so mild is such an understatement!) I have been fortunate enough to incorporate my passion and blend it seamlessly with my career by leveraging my passion on social media and in the community. 

In 2016, Midtown Miami Magazine named me on their list of Top 100 Influencers in Miami. It was not until then that I realized that my passion for cycling was more than hobby. Earlier that year, Airbnb's corporate office reached out to me and invited me to be one of their first Airbnb Experience Hosts for Miami. I got to be a part of something so extraordinary and being invited to be a part of it during the early beta phase was a milestone that confirmed that cycling for me would be a way of life. 


Bianchi Super Pista in Satin Black, photographed by Emely Virta.

Bianchi Super Pista in Satin Black, photographed by Emely Virta.